Water Purifier

You Deserve Water Magic

JIK. Never Stagnant
SOO. Clean, Pure and Full of Minerals.

Introducing JIK.SOO, the most advanced
water purifying technology.

304 Stainless Steel Waterway for protecting
to microbial infections



Rental Price: RM125 / month
Purchase Price: RM4,600

Air Purifier

You Deserve Air Magic

Where is dust coming from? 
Detecting a source of dust and purifying it.

Introducing Smart Motion Air Purifier 
with smart sensing technology.

AI-embeded and smartly detect the movement



Rental Price: RM120 / month
Purchase Price: RM4,400

Outdoor Filter

You Deserve Water Magic

Upgrade your entire home with SK Magic’s SHINE!

An outdoor, whole house water filtration system that filters the main water supply pipeline before it enters one’s home.


Rental Price: RM100 / month
Purchase Price: RM2,200