Tankless Water Purifier Malaysia

 The SK Magic JIKSOO concept is a true tankless water purifier with all the necessary ambient, hot, cold and warm instant temperatures. Designed to cater for the family’s whole house drinking water supply needs in mind in Malaysia.
SK Magic Malaysia has a goal to be a leading purifier brand, to provide the best home water quality. Air purifier products are also part of SK’s wholesome purification experience.

5 Reason To Pick Tankless Water Purifier

  1. Tankless is smaller and lighter , large water tank makes traditional water bulky.

  2. Electric saving, hot use more electricityas compare to tankles type

  3. No reboiling water for tankless

  4.  Space saving, minimalism with tankless design

  5. Hygene, no water tanks means 99% bacteria free


Tankless design is the way forward in water purifier technology. Do away with bulky designs and going minimalist.The only benefit for using a water tank storage, is that it can accommodate for an office space or a cafe with a higher number of users. In this case, a stainless steel tank with UV light sterilizer will have the same clean standard as a tankless type